What is trending in women's fashion

What is trending in women's fashion

The clothing trends are changing with each passing day. What we pay attention to is a novel, fashion and trend, which is often the theme of a specific era culture at that time. As an operator of a clothing franchise store, predicting the development trend of clothing trends is a few points of the clothing store’s management strategy. Following the fashion trend will not only allow our stores to be at the forefront of the industry, but also seize the opportunity in the competition of the same industry to gain more customers and sales. Let me share with you the six major trends of women's fashion in 2020.


1. Contrast color stitching.

In the past, clothing design was purely the pursuit of the theme, that is, the overall and completeness. Nowadays, many designers will use different materials, colors and collocations to make different elements collide and form a visual impact effect, which is different from the conventional one. Beauty. These combinations and splicing have no fixed form. Designers can boldly use their imaginations to bring a carnival feast to your vision.

2. Check pattern.

The trend is actually a reincarnation, but the plaid is always enduring and standing still, a retro symbol of autumn and winter. Even with the same elements, designers can always play new tricks. From shirts to coats, from hats to scarves, plaid patterns can be said to be everywhere, becoming the darling of the current fashion industry.

3. Printing.

Messy beauty may be the most common design element in fashion weeks in recent times, and the most commonly used form of expression is the complicated printing process on clothing. The types of these prints are very diverse, and there are all kinds of wild shapes, making these designs full of controversy. However, as modern society becomes more and more open, this can also be seen as a reflection of the openness of the times in clothing design.

4. Net yarn.

The pursuit of sexiness has become synonymous with fashion in today's society. Net yarn is a design recommended in this context. This soft material can well express the unique and elegant beauty of the female body. It does not appear naked in the sexy, but it is not high-profile. Gives people an elegant and sexy feeling.

5. Neutral wind.

In this increasingly open era, the boundaries of gender have begun to blur, and the trend of "neutralization" has swept the fashion circle. The image of women is no longer the traditional sexy figure with breasts and waist, or gentle and dignified or pure and charming. State, but with a modern rebellious temperament such as chic and capable or cold and powerful. In the current popular clothing, women's clothing can contain masculine elements, and men's clothing can also add soft elements to fully meet the inner needs of wearers.

6. Color trends

The ancient golden yellow is more vivid and dazzling without being too glaring. It gives people a bright and warmth like the sun. Unlike the lemon yellow that was popular in previous years, the yellow in 2020 will develop in a deeper direction: it comes with a nostalgic filter.

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