What are some best dressing hacks for women?

What are some best dressing hacks for women?

  1. Understand if you look best in cool colors (black, navy, white) or warm colors (brown, tan, gold). The right palette will light up your skin. The wrong one will wash you out.

  2. Learn how clothes are supposed to fit properly: where the seams are supposed to go, correct length, and how nothing is supposed to bunch up or be too tight. It makes a huge difference.

  3. Wear thicker natural fabrics in neutral colors. They always look more polished and expensive. Avoid polyester and thin fabrics.

  4. Wear fitted silouettes - body-hugging but not too tight. You want to look like an expensive vase, not an overcooked sausage.

  5. Make sure your clothes don't take center stage. People should notice you first, not your clothes. So, nothing too crazy or screaming.

  6. Match your style to your personality. Are you a boss lady? A geek? Creative rebel? Happy and bubbly or dark and intense? Dress accordingly.

  7. Go light on accessories. They're supposed to be accents, highlighting your best features or adding a point of interest. Not drawing attention away from you.

  8. Don't wear complicated things that need adjustments every 5 seconds. It doesn't matter how good it looks.

  9. Find a media person or celebrity who is similar to you in looks and personality and emulate their style.

  10. Don't dress like everyone else. Have a signature style, specific for you and recognizable.

  11. Dress age-appropriately.

  12. Make sure your clothes are clean, unstained, unwrinkled, don’t have pet hair on it, or strings sticking out.
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